Get over it

Dear world:

Yes. I am a strong, intelligent, secure, capable, boringly normal woman who is in a D/s relationship. Get over it, already.

Do not for a moment imagine that I have low self-esteem. I own who I am, I am humble about my challenges (we all have some), and I am proud of my gifts, abilities and accomplishments.

Do not imagine that I cannot recognize spite and petty jealousy when I see it.

Do not call me a doormat. I am independent and self-sufficient and there is only -one- person who gets to tell me what to do.

Do not call me weak. My way of life requires a reserve of inner strength you only wish you had.

Do not call me passive. I made a carefully considered decision, of my own free will, with clarity of mind, heart and conscience. Our life is a mutual, consensual choice.

Do not call me a bimbo. I have exquisite taste and I don’t wander around dressed like a hooker. My sex life is as private as yours, and probably no kinkier.

And p.s. It’s none of your business anyway.

I have been given the gift of submission, the freedom to surrender, the grace to trust, the privilege to love.

If that bothers you, I’m not the one with the problem.

Everyone should be so lucky as me.


(reprinted from 2010)

Author: Camryn Darkstone

After more than two decades exploring 3D virtual worlds and their possibilities for relationship and self expression, Camryn Darkstone is leading a life of quiet contentment, building and landscaping for Littlefield Grid with occasional projects in Second Life. Camryn has been active in online communities since the early 1980s, and, under other names, has written extensively about the ways that people relate to one another on the internet. Since 2009 Camryn has enjoyed a loving, consensual D/s relationship as submissive to Walter Balazic in both the virtual world and the "real" world.

One thought on “Get over it”

  1. Ms. Camryn Darkstone.
    I have been a Dominant for more decades than most have been alive. I say this not to brag, but to give a bit of weight to what I am going to say.
    I have had the honor and privilege of knowing and loving many submissive women, both in relationships and as friends. Each one has been a strong, intelligent woman whom entered into this Lifestyle with their eyes wide open and knowing just what they were doing.
    None of them are weak, just the opposite.
    None of them would allow themselves to be walked on or abused.
    Each of them had spent many years of learning about submission as well as Dominance.
    Each of them submitted to the Dominant they love…
    and are now completely happy and content with Life.
    To those who wish to degrade these VERY special women who embrace submission;
    “Stop letting your ignorance rule you and open your minds to this natural act! Stop the petty bickering and jealousy! Instead, admire those wonderful submissives and learn from them.”
    True happiness lays within submission.
    Dom Michael Saint

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